10 Creative Ways to Use Lights for an Aesthetic Bedroom

My bedroom is more than just a place I go to sleep. It’s also my home office, my relaxing space, and my gaming room. 

Its ambiance plays a huge role in making a comfortable environment where I can relax, work, and play. 

One of the biggest factors in creating this ambiance is creating a lighting scheme that turns it into more than a simple bedroom.

Creative lighting is like the secret sauce that takes your bedroom from “meh” to “heck, yeah!” – transforming it into an even cooler bedroom (I couldn’t think of anything clever) that radiates charm, personality, and possibly some envy from your friends. 

Unique and innovative lighting options don’t just personalize the space; they show off your individual style and improve your sleep quality (no more counting sheep).

Lights can create an aesthetic for your bedroom that can accentuate design elements you didn’t even know you had while giving you the superpower to adjust the atmosphere at will. 

In this article, we’ll explore ten creative ways to use lights to create the ultimate aesthetic bedroom.

Fairy lights

Draping over bed canopy

Fairy lights, the bedroom’s answer to pixie dust, are a versatile and inexpensive way to add a touch of magic to your room. 

Also known as string lights or twinkle lights, they can transform any bedroom into a mystical wonderland, minus the talking animals. 

One way to use fairy lights is by draping them over a bed canopy, creating a soft and enchanting glow that’s perfect for snuggling under the covers or reading bedtime stories. 

The delicate strings of tiny LED lights can be hung from the top of the canopy, arranged in a cascading pattern like a waterfall of stars, or intertwined with sheer fabric for that extra “I’m floating on a cloud” effect.

Creating a photo wall

Fairy lights strike again! This time, they’re turning your bedroom wall into a dazzling art gallery. Picture this (ha, get it? Picture this because we’re talking about a photo wall): a photo wall made up of your favorite memories, illuminated by the magical twinkle of fairy lights. 

Simply attach the lights to your wall in a zigzag or crisscross pattern – kind of like a game of tic-tac-toe with a fairy godmother. 

Next, grab some small clips, and clothespins, or even repurpose some old chip clips for extra character, and hang your favorite photos, postcards, or mementos along the strings. 

Voila! You’ve got a unique, glowing display that not only showcases your cherished memories but also adds a personal and artistic touch to your bedroom décor. 

It’s like having your very own Hollywood Walk of Fame, but cozier and with more inside jokes.

Wrapping around the bed frame or headboard

By wrapping fairy lights around your bed frame or headboard, you’ll transform your snoozing spot into a dazzling, glowing masterpiece. 

Weave those twinkly little lights in and out of the slats or along the edges, and watch your bed become the ultimate cozy haven.

You can also attach the lights to the back of a headboard or mount them directly on the wall behind your bed, creating a stunning backlit effect that rivals a Broadway marquee. 

This simple yet effective lighting technique will not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom but also make you feel like you’re being tucked in by a swarm of friendly, glowing fireflies. 

Sweet dreams just got a whole lot sweeter.

LED strip lights

Installing under-bed frame

Step aside, traditional bedroom lighting, because LED strip lights are here to steal the show and bedazzle your boudoir! 

These versatile and customizable glowing wonders can make your bed appear to levitate like a magic trick, adding a dash of modern elegance.

Lining the edges of shelves or desks

LED strip lights can also make your shelves or desks look like they’ve been touched by a lighting designer’s magic wand. 

Say goodbye to boring bookcases and hello to a functional yet fabulous display that makes finding that dusty old novel a breeze.

Creating a color-changing accent wall

Choose a wall in your bedroom to serve as your canvas, and create your very own LED light masterpiece with geometric shapes, abstract lines, or even your initials. 

With the flick of a switch, you’ll have a dynamic, eye-catching display that’s so cool, you might just forget to sleep.

Pendant lights

Hanging multiple pendant lights at different heights

Pendant lights are the chameleons of the lighting world – they can do it all! Want to turn your bedroom into a dazzling, multi-dimensional wonderland? 

Just hang a bunch of pendant lights at different heights like a juggling act in a circus, and watch as they create a dynamic, eye-catching display. 

It’s like having a constellation of tiny moons right above your bed, desk, or seating area.

And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, go wild with various cord lengths, shapes, and styles. Mix and match them for a layered, eclectic look that’s so visually stunning, you might just catch your reflection in the mirror doing a double-take.

Using unique, statement pendant light designs

Time to ditch those boring, run-of-the-mill pendant lights and go for the bold, artistic, and downright outrageous designs! 

There are plenty of unique, statement pendant lights that will not only light up your room but also your social life, as they become the talk of every gathering. Unless no one is allowed in your room to see them.

Don’t settle for mere illumination when you can have a full-blown light show that doubles as a piece of art. 

These jaw-dropping, conversation-starting pendant lights will infuse your bedroom with so much character and personality, you might need to have a separate bedroom just for them.

Creating a bedside reading nook

Why not create a cozy and functional bedside reading nook with pendant lights? Instead of the typical, snooze-worthy table lamp, hang a pendant light with a focused beam or adjustable head right above your bedside table or chair. 

This’ll provide the perfect spotlight for your late-night readings, dramatic journal entries, or early-morning coffee-spilling adventures.

Not only will this targeted lighting make your reading sessions feel like a Broadway performance, but it also frees up valuable surface space on your bedside table for more important things – like that growing collection of funny mugs. 

So, snuggle up in your comfy chair, grab a throw blanket, and surround yourself with cushions to create the perfect spot for laughter-filled bedtime stories and waking up with a smile in your very own bedroom.

Floor lamps

Placing in corners to create a cozy atmosphere

Floor lamps are like the Swiss Army knife of bedroom lighting – they’re versatile, impactful, and downright nifty. 

Got an empty corner in your bedroom that’s just begging for some attention? Pop a floor lamp in there, and voilà! 

You’ve turned that sad, lonely corner into a cozy, inviting nook where you can curl up with your favorite book or debate the merits of pineapple on pizza.

Choose a lamp that emits a soft, warm light to transform your bedroom into a relaxation haven, perfect for taking a nap or binge-watching that hilarious new sitcom. 

And for the cherry on top, try an adjustable lamp to direct the light exactly where you need it – because who wouldn’t want a spotlight on their dramatic late-night reading sessions or impromptu pillow fort building?

Choosing an eye-catching design

Floor lamps, much like that one friend who’s always the life of the party, can be real show-stoppers when you choose the right design. 

Want to make your floor lamp the Beyoncé of your bedroom? Pick an eye-catching design that complements your room’s style, something with a unique shape, a bold color, or a striking pattern that screams, “I woke up like this.”

Remember, the lamp isn’t just there to brighten up your space – it’s also a fabulous fashion statement that can enhance your bedroom’s overall aesthetic. So let your floor lamp steal the spotlight and have a little fun with it.

Combining with plants for a natural look

When it comes to creative lighting ideas, why not go for a “leafy liaison” by pairing your floor lamp with some potted plants? 

Just imagine a tall floor lamp cozying up to a fiddle leaf fig or snuggling next to a statuesque snake plant, creating a visually captivating and zen-inducing corner. 

Your bedroom will be transformed into a tropical oasis – or at least, that’s how it’ll feel.

This luminous love affair between light and greenery will bring a sense of balance, tranquility, and natural beauty to your bedroom space.

Table lamps

Using mismatched lamps on bedside tables

Why settle for boring, matching bedside lamps when you can spice things up with an eclectic twist? 

Mismatched table lamps are like the salt and pepper of bedroom lighting – they add just the right amount of flavor to your personal sanctuary! 

By choosing lamps with similar colors, materials, or styles, you’ll create a “harmoniously chaotic” vibe that says, “I’m so stylish, I don’t even need my lamps to match!”

Think of it as a wink and a nod to your inner rebel, all while enjoying ample light for reading or relaxing. 

Choosing lamps with adjustable brightness

Table lamps with adjustable brightness settings are like the superheroes of bedroom lighting – they’re here to save the day (or night)! 

Are you in the mood for some dramatic shadows while reading a thrilling novel, or do you need to set the scene for a romantic evening? 

Fear not, because these versatile lamps have got you covered!

Just like your favorite action hero, these lamps can swoop in with built-in dimmers or smart LED bulbs controlled by an app or smart home system. 

They’ll help you create the perfect ambiance for every occasion, whether it’s binge-watching your favorite series, tackling a crossword puzzle, or simply indulging in a late-night snack. 

With these multi-talented lamps, you’re in control of the mood – just don’t let the power go to your head!

Incorporating touch-sensitive or smart lamps

Say goodbye to the days of fumbling around in the dark for the elusive lamp switch! 

Touch-sensitive and smart lamps have stepped onto the scene, and they’re here to make your life a whole lot easier (and way more fun). 

These ingenious contraptions are like the cool sidekicks every bedroom deserves.

Touch-sensitive lamps are the lighting ninjas of the bedroom – just a gentle tap and they spring into action, providing you with the illumination you need. No more awkwardly trying to locate that hidden switch!

Meanwhile, smart lamps take bedroom lighting to a whole new level of awesome. Control them with your smartphone or summon your trusty voice assistant to bend them to your will. With these high-tech lamps, you’ll feel like you’re living in the future – and it’s pretty fantastic!

Neon signs

Customizing a neon sign with a quote or symbol

Jump on the trend train and let your bedroom shine bright like a… well, neon sign! Neon signs are the cool kids in town, and they’re ready to light up your life (and your bedroom). 

Forget about plain ol’ lamps – it’s time to get personal with your lighting.

Consider customizing your neon sign with a quirky quote, a nifty symbol, or a design that makes your heart sing. 

Not only will your glowing masterpiece light up your space, but it will also serve as a daily reminder of something that tickles your fancy or showcases your one-of-a-kind style. 

Mounting on a wall as a statement piece

Mount your neon sign on a wall to create a drop-dead gorgeous statement piece that adds pizzazz and personality to your sleep haven.

Choose a prime spot that will have everyone’s eyes glued to it, like above your bed or on that sassy accent wall. 

The dazzling glow of the neon sign will not only become a focal point, but also a conversation starter. 

Your guests will be all like, “Oh, wow, where did you get that fabulous neon sign?” and you’ll be all like, “Oh, you know, I just have an amazing sense of style!” hair flip

Combining with other lighting options for a layered effect

Want to know the secret recipe to make your bedroom more dynamic than a superhero movie? It’s all about layering your lighting, folks! 

Grab that fabulous neon sign and give it some super friends: fairy lights, LED strip lights, or pendant lights – the more, the merrier! 

This lighting dream team will bring depth and texture to your space that’ll have you feeling like you’re living on a Pinterest board.

Mix and match these lighting styles to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that’s as customizable as your favorite ice cream sundae.

String lights with clips

Displaying photos or artwork

Why not add some twinkle to your memories and turn your bedroom into a living museum? With string lights and clips, you can create a one-of-a-kind, versatile gallery that’s part personal shrine, part mood lighting, and all fabulous. 

Attach your favorite photos, artwork, or even that embarrassing childhood drawing to the clips, and let the soft glow of the lights sprinkle some magic dust on your cherished memories.

This creative lighting solution not only brightens your space but also acts as a personalized, ever-changing gallery wall. Let your room shine like a Hollywood premiere, showcasing your own personal blockbuster of memories and art!

Creating a seasonal decoration display

During the holidays, transform your space into Santa’s workshop by hanging festive ornaments, cards, or even your wishlist (in case he’s watching) from the clips. 

As the seasons change, swap out those decorations to create a fresh and ever-evolving bedroom that’s always “in season.”

Think of your room as a live-action calendar, celebrating everything from cozy winter nights to the spooky charm of Halloween, and even your favorite national holiday – National Donut Day! 

With string lights and clips, you’ll have the most “lit” bedroom around, no matter the time of year. 

Hanging along a wall or window frame

Hang string lights along a wall or window frame to create a subtle, twinkling border that’ll make your room feel like it’s just a sprinkle of fairy dust away from becoming a magical kingdom.

Whether you use the clips to hold decorations like mini unicorn figurines or leave them empty to let the lights shine on their own, this simple yet effective lighting option will have your bedroom sparkling like a fairy’s playground. 

Embrace your inner enchantress or wizard and let your bedroom become a magical, twinkling escape from the mundane.

Wall sconces

Installing above-bedside tables

Wall sconces: the ultimate space-saving superheroes of bedside lighting. These bad boys let you keep your nightstand clutter-free for more important things like that growing collection of unread books or your secret midnight snack stash. 

With a focused light source, you can bask in the soft glow of bedtime reading without disturbing your slumbering partner.

By installing a wall sconce above each bedside table, you’ll create a symmetrical, balanced look that screams “I’ve got my life together” (even if the rest of the room might say otherwise). 

So, make room for that extra decorative cactus and embrace the power of wall sconces – your nightstand will thank you.

Choosing unique designs or materials

Forget the boring, run-of-the-mill sconces – it’s time to embrace the wacky world of geometric shapes, delicate metalwork, and designs that scream “I’m a work of art!”

Why stop at metal and glass? Unleash your inner design rebel with sconces made from concrete, wood, or even recycled materials. 

These unexpected textures will make your guests do a double-take, turning your bedroom into a space worthy of a trendy design magazine (or at least a few Instagram likes).

Projection lights

Creating a starry night effect on the ceiling

Lights, camera, action! Projection lights are here to give your bedroom a Hollywood-worthy makeover, turning your ordinary space into a magical, dreamy wonderland. 

Who needs a 5-star hotel when you can sleep under a starry night sky or swim with the fish in your very own underwater sanctuary?

Using themed projectors for a personalized touch

Show off your inner Spielberg with themed projectors that celebrate your favorite flicks, transport you to a city skyline that rivals the view from the Empire State Building, or immerse you in a tranquil ocean scene that’ll make you feel like you’re vacationing in the Maldives.

Combining with other lighting options for a dynamic look

But why stop there? Unleash your inner lighting maestro by mixing and matching projection lights with fairy lights, LED strip lights, or wall sconces for a show-stopping visual extravaganza. 

With a bedroom like this, you’ll not only have the perfect backdrop for relaxation, romance, and productivity but also a fabulous setting for the most epic slumber parties ever. 

Image by Home Depot

Lanterns or candle holders

Placing on shelves or windowsills

Looking to add a touch of warmth and charm to your bedroom? Don’t just light a candle – turn it into a full-blown spectacle with lanterns and candle holders that make your room feel like a cozy, enchanted hideaway. 

From vintage-inspired lanterns that whisper of yesteryear to modern geometric candle holders that scream “I’m trendy!”, there’s something for every aspiring interior decorator.

Hanging from ceiling or hooks

Create a magical, floating lantern scene straight out of a fairy tale by hanging them from the ceiling or hooks on the wall at varying heights and styles. 

And watch your bedroom transform into a captivating wonderland that would make even Peter Pan jealous.

Using battery-operated candles for safety

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “This all sounds great, but what about fire safety?” No worries – we’ve got you covered with battery-operated candles that provide the same flickering glow without the risk of turning your bedroom into a fiery inferno. 

Plus, with a handy timer function, you can set your candles to automatically turn off, saving battery life and ensuring you won’t be kept awake by a nagging fear of burning down the house. 

So light up your life and give your bedroom the warm, enchanting glow it deserves!


In this article, we’ve taken a whimsical journey through the land of creative bedroom lighting ideas. 

From the twinkling fairy lights and futuristic LED strip lights to the elegant pendant lights and the steadfast floor lamps, we’ve covered them all. 

We’ve even dabbled in neon signs, nifty string lights with clips, sophisticated wall sconces, magical projection lights, and cozy lanterns or candle holders.

Every bedroom is a unique snowflake, and what works best in one igloo may not be ideal in another. 

So, put on your lab coat and experiment with different lighting options to discover the perfect concoction for your personal style, taste, and room layout. 

Don’t be shy about mixing and matching various lighting styles and sources to create a visually captivating and multi-dimensional space that screams “you.”

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